Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pawty Drinks & Noms

Thanks to the amazing @Sydpie and @Bai_Catahoula for the fabulous drinks & noms menu!

10 am EST: @MadLabM and @MavtheTiger
11 am EST: @BrutustheDane
noon EST: @pinkandsion
1 pm EST: @BigBoyBosco

Adult Beverages

Pink Pawtinis – in pink stemmed bubble glass


Wheaten Wonder! – Bacon beer with fur of @OatieDog

Dane Delight! – Bacon beer with fur of @PaddyTheGreat

Bacon Wine! - @HanktheDoggy specialty

Razzmatazz – salmon, tuna, bacon, ham, blended with gin, chilled glass

RottieRita – root beer, Navan vanilla liquor, vodka, dollop of vanilla ice cream, bacon chaser

Niptini – The classic #pawty drink!

Duck blind - Basic Here Duckie!!! with a vodka pond added, frozen and blended, sushi float

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Here Duckie!!! – extra large martini glass w/ pummeled pond grass, lemonlime, and a sushi float

Water – large or small bowl with ice cubes

White heaven – milk for the kitties

Tea please – choice of teas

B Brothers Coffee - A special blend created by @BrunotheDog and @BrutustheDane naturally roasted coffee with the essence of toot (rotten eggs and tuna)

Oh Paddy! Oh Oatie! – nonalcoholic bacon beer


Uh-oh-Oaties — beans and rice

Happy Paddys – hot dogs and bacon beer beans that have been aged to perfection

Spaghetti to Share

SwankyHanks — hot dogs and beans

Sydsoup - white bean soup

Baikins - Stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon

Brutie Brats — Dane diet food: sausages and kraut TOOT!

Trailer Fashion — Swanson's bacon-beer battered chicken dinner

Lettuce Dance – wedge salad with tiny tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese (choice of dressing)

Schmooopy shrooms – crab stuffed mushrooms

Where’s George? – A pile of seaweed with sushi bites


Paddy’s Potato Pie – Straight from the home country!

Wheaten Wonder – Whopper of a whoopie pie with extra whipped cream and cherries

Strawberry bon bons - The groom's sister's favorite

The Oatie Oreo cheesecake with a nutty graham cracker crust

Pink Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

The SydPie - A deep, rich (safe for animals) chocolate pie with swirls of fleur de sel caramel

Feline Fantasy - lightly whipped tuna mousse studded with bits of nip. Garnished with catnip chips.

Brutus The Danish - for anipals who prefer breakfast sweets, cheese or fruit danish

The Bailey Bunch - Pear almond & apricot tartlets

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