Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome to the Engagment Pawty of Oatie & Paddy!

We are so excited to celebrate the recent engagement of @OatieDog, a beautiful Wheaten Terrier, to @PaddytheGreat, a handsome Great Dane.

Pawty Details:
Saturday, February 20, 2010
10 am to 2 pm EST (4-8 pm GMT)

Robert Oatley Winery via Twitter hashtag #ringpawty

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Questions, please contact @BrutustheDane, @SydPie or @Bai_Catahoula!

Their Story:
Oatie and Paddy met on Twitter when @OatieDog and @PaddytheGreat's sister @LadyBonessa struck up a friendship. Bonnie introduced the two and it was love at first tweet. A long-distance romance across the sea soon began. Letters, packages and sweet tweets were exchanged and in December 2009, just before Christmas, Paddy asked for Oatie's paw in marriage.

The couple intends to have a lengthy engagement as the bride-to-be is currently seeking a new residence. The groom-to-be will continue his regular duties of eating and tooting in Ireland.

Musical Entertainment (DJs)

10 am EST: @Pandafur
11 am EST: @SidtheCatahoula
noon EST: @Dogstoyevsky
1 pm EST: @mattiedog

Pawty Drinks & Noms

Thanks to the amazing @Sydpie and @Bai_Catahoula for the fabulous drinks & noms menu!

10 am EST: @MadLabM and @MavtheTiger
11 am EST: @BrutustheDane
noon EST: @pinkandsion
1 pm EST: @BigBoyBosco

Adult Beverages

Pink Pawtinis – in pink stemmed bubble glass


Wheaten Wonder! – Bacon beer with fur of @OatieDog

Dane Delight! – Bacon beer with fur of @PaddyTheGreat

Bacon Wine! - @HanktheDoggy specialty

Razzmatazz – salmon, tuna, bacon, ham, blended with gin, chilled glass

RottieRita – root beer, Navan vanilla liquor, vodka, dollop of vanilla ice cream, bacon chaser

Niptini – The classic #pawty drink!

Duck blind - Basic Here Duckie!!! with a vodka pond added, frozen and blended, sushi float

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Here Duckie!!! – extra large martini glass w/ pummeled pond grass, lemonlime, and a sushi float

Water – large or small bowl with ice cubes

White heaven – milk for the kitties

Tea please – choice of teas

B Brothers Coffee - A special blend created by @BrunotheDog and @BrutustheDane naturally roasted coffee with the essence of toot (rotten eggs and tuna)

Oh Paddy! Oh Oatie! – nonalcoholic bacon beer


Uh-oh-Oaties — beans and rice

Happy Paddys – hot dogs and bacon beer beans that have been aged to perfection

Spaghetti to Share

SwankyHanks — hot dogs and beans

Sydsoup - white bean soup

Baikins - Stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon

Brutie Brats — Dane diet food: sausages and kraut TOOT!

Trailer Fashion — Swanson's bacon-beer battered chicken dinner

Lettuce Dance – wedge salad with tiny tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese (choice of dressing)

Schmooopy shrooms – crab stuffed mushrooms

Where’s George? – A pile of seaweed with sushi bites


Paddy’s Potato Pie – Straight from the home country!

Wheaten Wonder – Whopper of a whoopie pie with extra whipped cream and cherries

Strawberry bon bons - The groom's sister's favorite

The Oatie Oreo cheesecake with a nutty graham cracker crust

Pink Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting

The SydPie - A deep, rich (safe for animals) chocolate pie with swirls of fleur de sel caramel

Feline Fantasy - lightly whipped tuna mousse studded with bits of nip. Garnished with catnip chips.

Brutus The Danish - for anipals who prefer breakfast sweets, cheese or fruit danish

The Bailey Bunch - Pear almond & apricot tartlets